Hello, I'm Arafat Ali


This universe is made up of energy, crafted through precise mathematical equations.

Humans have altered these equations to fit their own needs.

When I was a kid, I made a strong and emotional promise to myself that one day I will become a good programmer.

A good programmer for humans to solve real world problems, the True Random Equations, Probability, and unpredictable Events.

Time is valuable in every second for me to learn new things, and make a special contribution before this life is over.

I believe knowledge is a source of power which fuels my love for learning and drives me towards becoming a full-stack developer in the ICT field.




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Education / work background information:

- Founder of a start-up web hosting and software company

- Operations Manager at a fashion company that focuses on the IT field, managing and coordinating various backend business operations

- Former web developer and iOS mobile phone programmer at Art In Software Sdn Bhd (AIST)

- Former computer and mobile phone technician at his own company, Maxibi I.T. Solutions, for over 3 years to gain knowledge in IT hardware. Maxibi once had a physical store in Melaka that sold and serviced computer and mobile phone parts

- Provided customized ERP and CRM solutions to various clients through Maxibi

- Experienced in teaching fresh IT graduate students pursuing industrial training at Maxibi for over 2 years, focusing on e-commerce web and mobile app development

- Part-time image processing engineer at SigMax-E Sdn Bhd (a Google search image processing provider based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia) while a university student in Cyberjaya

- Freelance web developer since 2007

- Microsoft Certified Web Developer (Cert ID: F314-6864)

- A self-taught, experienced IT professional who considers himself a Full Stack Developer

- Proficient in Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, Shell, VB.net, among others

- Passionate about A.I. Automation

- Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia

- Diploma in Information Technology from Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia (with honors)

- PMR and SPM from SMK Tun Haji Abdul Malek, Melaka, Malaysia (School Prefect from Form 1-5)

- UPSR from SK Bukit Rambai, Melaka, Malaysia (3A, 2B)

- Graduated from Sekolah Agama Bukit Rambai (opposite of Masjid Al Faizin, Melaka, Malaysia) (School Prefect from Year 2-3)

- Preschool certification from Sekolah Tabika Kemas Tanjung Minyak, Melaka (building no longer exists)

- Graduated (Khatam) from Al-Quran School at age 8 and studied Jawi from his father; can read Jawi fluently at age 10

- Download his CV here

A little other not well-known background history about him:

- He was born stateless

- At the age of 16, he developed several VB6 projects as a hobby. One of his most time-consuming projects was a free offline Malay<->English dictionary called G-Kamus, which he created using the Visual Basic 6 programming language. He also created the project's website, g-kamus.com, but the dictionary was only used internally by his friends in school and was not made public on the website. In 2007, the project was abandoned due to time constraints at university.
1) The uneditable project web archived in 2006 (before it was released; beta version): link
2) Project screenshot: link

- When he was 15 years old, he created a math game in Bahasa Melayu called "Permainan Congak Matematik Ahmad Arafat" for Windows Platform using the same VB6 programming language. At this age, he already has a basic understanding of how to use Sprite Animation in game development. The uneditable project web archived can be seen in this link

- He created his first online website using Yahoo Geocities when he was 14 years old using HTML and javascript. At that time he did not have high-speed internet offered by ISP, but a super slow internet from an ISP called Jaring

- All his programming skills during childhood came from self-learning

- His first programming language was Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and the oldest operating system that he ever used during childhood was Windows 95 on a big CRT monitor. He started to love Linux in 2009

- He has been interested in electronic stuff since he was still in primary school and started his first computer repair in middle school. At that time, he was frustrated that he could not use his desktop computer for a few months due to an auto restart issue and some technicians that he met could not fix it. Some of them even came to his house to check the wall plug issue but they did not find any solutions. Due to the frustration of not being able to use a computer for a long period, he finally fixed the issue by reading the motherboard's manual and he then discovered it was the CPU jumper overclocked issue on the AMD board which caused the computer to restart randomly. With the discovery on that day, he realized that fixing a computer was not that hard if he could study about it. He started to learn more about computer repair by taking some computer repair courses with an experienced technician, and doing a lot of home-to-home computer repairs when he was still in middle school. On July 2016, he opened a computer and mobile repair phone store in Melaka and he had done many computer and mobile phone repair jobs. For him, it is not surprising that a lot of programmers nowadays are not able to fix their computers because their job scope is only to understand the software stuff and never touch the hardware components. However, he believes that it is essential for a programmer to know how to fix a computer to reduce maintenance costs.

- He was known as Budak Komputer which in English is translated as The Computer Guy by his friends in the middle school

- He likes budu Cap Ketereh and he can eat plain rice with budu without side dishes

- He can speak 3 languages fluently

- He can only see clearly with one eye since he was in primary school but that has never prevented him to do his job perfectly

- Caffeine is not his best friend but sometimes he needs its help

- He likes listening to music and playing musical instruments (he is now more interested in digital music instruments). When he was in primary school, he used to perform a lot of songs on stage. During that time, he even wrote his original song called Indahnya Alam which in English is translated as The Beauty of Nature. He perfomed that song in Sekolah Agama Bukit Rambai and won the first place as solo Nasyid singing. The prize was given by the headmaster of the school, the late Ustaz Johari.

- He had a bad history of hacking that went famous at a university. In 2008, during his time at university, he was among the best student in programming subjects in his class, and he was bullied a lot by a classmate for his nerdy look. The bully was a foreign student wearing a 'gangsta chain' who had challenged him to hack his social blog which he had many followers on. He remembers the bully challenged him by saying, "If you can hack my blog, I'll give you full respect but I do not think you can do that because you are just a nerd who only likes to memorize things". He accepted the challenge face to face in front of the other students and his roommate as witnesses. On a Friday night in 2008, he successfully accessed the bully's blog and made some changes to the blog's database. Unfortunately, he made a mistake by putting his own name on the front of the web page as the responsible 'hacker' where he thought accessing the bully's blog was only a peace challenge made for him. On a Saturday morning in 2008, he sat alone in a room when his housemate went outside to buy breakfast, the bully came with his companion, broke the door, and hit him multiple times on the head causing physical injury. The bully also held a large scissor and threatened to kill him with it. However, the bully and his companion had apologized and the police report that had been made on housebreaking and causing physical injury had been withdrawn for further investigation as he accepted the apology from the bully. On the following day, the rumors went on campus and he became famous in university as a Gray Hat Hacker with a unique online username. The lesson learned here is, that you should never expose yourself as a responsible hacker if you hack a blog that has many online followers!

- This website was his personal blog talking about his work since 2009 and the old contents were hidden at the backend


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